Beating the Bootstrap Blues!

The trees were naked.  The grass brown as beached, dried seaweed.  The air held a bone chill and blew ice cold.  Back in late February/early March when I first encountered Twitter Bootstrap, these were the conditions outside my bedroom window.  I turned from the wintry, oppressed scene outside.  I faced my computer, fired up google and typed “What is Twitter Bootstrap?”

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Search and Seizure

Inexorability challenges our incredulity.

I knew it was coming; I simply didn’t want to believe it.

It began with moderate, involuntary quaking. Pupils blown, her whole body pulsed and jumped like a small fish out of water.

Accepting only then what was coming, I held her close. In times of the inevitable, this is often all we can do for the ones we love.

My cat MaryGold suffers from epilepsy. Prior to this episode, which took place on Sunday February 15th, her last seizure was Thanksgiving Day of last year. It is easy to get complacent when that much time passes between seizures. It is easy for insidious hope to whisper, “Maybe she is cured?


MaryGold is not cured. I held her on Sunday as she trembled. This was the tremor before the earthquake. I positioned my hands and got a good hold on her. I knew the magnitude 10 quake was coming. After five minutes of preliminary pulsing, it hit. 

My poor baby’s entire body was racked with massive, violent jerking. Saliva poured from her little mouth. Urine escaped her little body. Her muscles fired randomly, her body contorting into nightmare poses.

I held her through it. It was all I could do.

Calm and peace crept upon us “on little cat feet.” The fierce jerking subsided. MaryGold’s body began to still. Soon the involuntary movements ceased altogether.

A seizure feels like it lasts a lifetime, but in fact it lasted about 30 seconds.

I held her as she passed into her post-ictal phase, which for MaryGold means she immediately went to sleep. Exhausted by her body’s exertions.

As for me, I cleaned up and got back to what I was doing before the seizure hit.

I was searching, searching for a good tutorial on how to use Twitter Bootstrap.

Twitter Bootstrap is described as a framework that is meant to make creating websites easier. It has pre-created blocks of code that you can copy and paste to build and style your website without having to do everything from scratch.

It sounds wonderful, but I am struggling to make sense of it- hence the search for a good tutorial. In my Sunday feature, Bootstrap Blues, I challenged myself to make a basic website about my cats using Twitter Bootstrap. I now feel that this might have been too ambitious.

I have a basic working knowledge of Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML). This is the “language” that gives all websites their structure. I am also proficient with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). This gives websites their styling and visual appeal.

The problem I am having with bootstrap is that it seems to require more than just a basic knowledge of HTML/CSS. Every time I try to follow along in a tutorial, I get lost in unfamiliar HTML tags and attributes.

It looks like I have to strengthen my skills in HTML/CSS before I will feel comfortable using Bootstrap.

I thought this framework was supposed to make life easier?

Still, I hope to have some kind of website to share with you guys on Sunday. Be sure to check out the Sunday Skills part of my blog this week for the URL to my nascent website. No promises that it will be perfect, but I am determined to try to create something to share.

As I write these words, MaryGold is in my lap. The seizures have passed for now, but the search for aid in using Twitter Bootstrap continues. Wish me luck.