Bootstrap Blues

Learning web development feels like scaling Mount Everest alone, without oxygen. The learning curve is at least as steep as the most treacherous passes of that fabled mountain.

Like a map to the summit, Codeup (This is the web development Bootcamp where I am enrolled. See my post Running The Gauntlet.) has laid out a list of vital skills. I need to become acquainted with these skills before class starts on March 23rd.

So far I have become comfortable navigating using the command line interface. I have also learned the basics of Git, and created an account on GitHub. Finally I have learned the basics of HTML and CSS.

But now I am facing my toughest challenge to date: Twitter Bootstrap. If you are unfamiliar with Bootstrap, it is a framework that is supposed to make building dynamic websites easier for developers.

“Easy” is not the word I would use to describe my experience with Bootstrap thus far.

First I went to the website and downloaded the files. When I opened a file in the CSS folder I was intimidated to see lines and lines of Matrix-like code overwhelming my Sublime 2 text editor. I have never seen so much code in my life!

How to make sense of it all?

Well, there really is only one answer.

If the purpose of Twitter Bootstrap is to build websites, then I need to build my own website using Bootstrap! At the moment this seems like a Herculean task. My current knowledge of Bootstrap could fit comfortably in a thimble. Further, I have less than 9 days to complete this task in order to remain on the schedule that I created for myself. (See my previous post Tick. Tock. Tyranny.)

As always I am up to the challenge. I will make a website about my family’s nine cats. (That’s right I said nine.) My goal is to use bootstrap to make this website look professional and beautiful.

I’m not sure if this is an insurmountable task. But the way I see it, no one ever got to the summit of Everest via doubt.

Be sure to check back next Sunday. My goal is to have a website to share by then!


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