Day One

I got lost.

Terribly lost, dizzyingly lost, as I drove to my very first day of Codeup’s programming class.

At this point, I know what you are thinking.

“Haven’t you been there before?”

Answer: Yes.

“Haven’t you been there several times before?”

Answer: Also… Yes.


So my terrible sense of direction coupled with near crippling excitement and anxiety combined to create a spectacular fail on the highway.

I missed my exit… by a long shot.

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Toward The Sun, Rising

The tidal splash of sound caused my heart to leap every time. My ears would drink the harmonies like a desert landscape absorbing the inundating monsoon rains.

With a deep breath I would prepare to add my fanfare to the glittering orchestration, but in truth I really just wanted to sit back and listen.

I just wanted to let the waves of music lift my heart from its doldrums, up and up.

Music can do this.

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