Eight . . .

Forty-Five! I blinked in disbelief!

Forty-Five waypoints just for basic HTML5 and CSS alone!

I am referring to the revamped curriculum offered by FreeCodeCamp.com.  This website is completely free and takes the user step by step through the technologies that are necessary to master in order to become a Full-Stack web developer.  (See If You Build It…)

If you are serious about web development, then you should check out this site and work through the challenges.  Once you complete all of the course work, you get to work for real non-profits helping them with their web goals and needs.  That is the pay off for working through all the material.  You get real-world job experience that can be placed on a resume and you get to help a worthy cause.  It is the very definition of a win-win!

Except that as FreeCodeCamp gets better, they keep adding more challenges!  This means you will be a better developer when you are finished, but it also means that it is going to take me much longer to get to work for a non-profit!  When I started, there were only 53 challenges total.

Now as I mentioned at the outset, there are 45 challenges just for basic HTML/CSS alone!  These first challenges are called waypoints and to date there are now over 100 waypoints that must be completed.  That doesn’t even include the “bonfires”, “ziplines”, pair-programming, and algorithm practice.

Sighing to myself, I got started again in earnest last night.  Here is a screen shot of my progress:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To date, I have completed 81 challenges!  I thoroughly enjoyed getting stronger with both Twitter Bootstrap and jQuery.

Of course just doing tutorials isn’t enough.  You have to build something original from the ground up to really practice what you have learned.  So last night I created a mock personal website.

Here are some screen shots of the personal site I made last night:

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With only 8 days left until the big day, I’m just trying to learn as much as I can.


3 thoughts on “Eight . . .

  1. bonfires and ziplines – it’s a whole universe until itself this code writing!!!


  2. Reblogged this on ashbotandsparki and commented:
    awesome free coding site 🙂


  3. you have come a long way. Good job!


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