“All glory comes from daring to begin.” 

~Eugene F. Ware 

I’m not sure who Eugene F. Ware is, but I am inclined to agree with him.  Though I am not seeking glory, I am seeking happiness.  But the hardest thing is to begin— especially if you are beginning anew as I am.

There are different levels of “beginning” I have come to realize.  We all begin our days when the alarm clock rudely calls. (see Tick. Tock. Tyranny.)  We all begin our work when we arrive at our jobs.

But other beginnings are absolute, complete and whole.  They are the start of a new era.  A nascent spring season in your life.

Learning to program and preparing for bootcamp promises to be the the latter kind of beginning for me.  This has the potential to be an entirely new season for me. I can smell a verdant spring on its way.

But a beginning is just that, its just a start.  You have to supply yourself with everything you need to sustain the initial changes that you have made to your life.

With that in mind, I finally silenced my inner miser and purchased a brand new 13in Macbook Pro computer.  My old Mac was in pretty bad shape.  It was cracked, dirty, and missing an F5 key.  Also the 1 key only worked about 75% of the time.  The e key worked about 80% of the time.   (BTW it was MaryGold who scratched off the F5 key. See A Life Without Challenge and Search and Seizure.)  It was also painfully slow.

Gone are those problems.  Here is my shiny new computer!  Dare to begin!

Shiny new mac in the box!

Shiny new mac in the box!


SnapDragon investigates new macbook pro.

The lovely screen has retina display!

The lovely screen has retina display!


One thought on “Daring

  1. Well done! May spring be flowering and summer fruitful – look forward to the continuing journey. Bravery is contagious!


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