Curve Ball

Long I’ve endured the gale force winds,

Tears cutting tracks upon my gritty face

Hands hard pressed, knees bent I pray

And pray and pray

For the eye of the storm.



“Mom, its me. I have breaking news.”

“What is it?” “Are you ok?”

“I’m not sure. Mom, my Bootcamp is gone.”

“Gone? What do you mean…gone?” “Are you certain?”

“I’m looking at the Codeup site right now. There is no longer a link for the Night Full-Stack Bootcamp.

“Check again my daughter. I will check as well.”

We both poured over the site that night. Finally we came to the same conclusion. Codeup is no longer offering an after-hours Full Stack programming Bootcamp.

I began to hear the high-pitched whine of my dream escaping like air from a shiny red balloon.

Until that moment, I had it all figured out.

When oh when am I going to learn? When I have it all figured out, it is about to change.

I should have known.

To verify what I was seeing online, I called Codeup.  They confirmed my suspsicion.  The camp has been cancelled.  The reason? Low enrollment.

Disappointment doesn’t come close to expressing how I felt when I got the news. I didn’t realize just how much I was looking forward to starting class until now. Why is it when something is snatched away from us at a moments notice, we want it all the more?

The camp I originally signed up for was an evening full-stack course. This means that we were going to learn front-end development (like how to make a beautiful, interactive website) as well as back-end development (like how to create and maintain databases in addition to much more.) I was going to lean HTML/CSS Javascript and JQuery as well as PHP.

It was going to be quite the commitment. The camp was going to be 9 months long. We were going to meet every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evening as well as every other weekend. I was going to have to do this while working as a math teacher.

But that option no longer exits.

So here is what I have decided to do. I am going to switch camps. Instead of going to camp after work, I’m going to do the full time, full stack daytime Bootcamp. The daytime camp meets Monday – Friday from 9-4pm.

The next daytime camp begins June 8th. This works perfectly for me because the last day of school is June 5th. So I will have all summer to work on my programming skills.

The downside? Well the camp is 4 months long. This is longer than my summer vacation from school. So I will have to do some deep soul searching about my job. I can’t teach and do this daytime Bootcamp.

Decisions will have to be made.


6 thoughts on “Curve Ball

  1. Good luck. I hope it all works out for you.


  2. Wow, that’s harsh, all of a sudden, no explanation? I’m so sorry.
    Whatever you do, you know that you’ve learned a lot of valuable skills, you’ve learned to think in new ways and these things will stay with you. Hard work isn’t wasted. Math teachers know.


    • The camp was cancelled due to low enrollment. I guess 9 months of intense programming right after one has completed their day job was just too high a hurdle for most people. You are correct about the skills. Mastering a new challenging skill is often its own reward and the knowledge can never be taken away from you–come what may.


  3. Hey Sounja – chin up! This might well be a blessing in disguise. I always thought, from reading your blog, it was a full time course. It sounds like the workload is, and maybe you wouldn’t have been able to do it justice…. don’t give up. Remember your blog is called Ctrl-Alt-BELIEVE ! so you must BELIEVE! you can do it! You will find a way, as long as you believe you can.


  4. […] SnapDragon in mind, I choose to embrace the Curve Ball that has been thrown my way. I will commit myself to this new camp and timeline and perhaps when […]


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