The Scent Of Lavender

I have never known why, but the soothing scent of lavender always makes me sigh. I gulp the aroma by the lungful. Its storied calming effects act on me immediately. As the tension leaves my muscles, I sit in front of my computer and begin again.

As I learn my next command, mv, gorgeous sunlight is pouring through my window making geometric pools of warmth on the barely beige carpet. I learn that mv doesn’t really move a file anywhere as I originally suspected. Rather it is simply a way to rename a file.

I practice with eager, fingers-flying-across-the-keyboard delight and concentration. Down the list of commands I fly adding cp, less, more, cat and rm to my repertoire. I stop right before the section entitled “Pipes and Redirection.” This title intimidates me. I come up for air and regard my surroundings with astonishment!

The sun set while I was working! The sun’s geometry left my carpet degree by whisper soft degree. I was enveloped in darkness! The only source of light in my silent living room was the white glare of my computer screen and the muted flick flicker of my lavender scented candle. Everything else was black. My environment had completely changed. I was largely unaware of it because I was so absorbed in my command line training.

Sun rise. Sun set. Sun rise. Sun set.

The only way to get good at something is to put in the hours.

I will end this post with a few more haikus I wrote to summarize some of the new commands I learned today. It is ridiculous how much fun it is to turn computer science into poetry. I think I have found a new (albeit obscure) hobby.


What’s In A Name?

To rename a file

“mv” is the way. Now smile

File one is file two.


Less is More

Type “less” to see more

And “more” to see less. Don’t stress!

It’s there on the screen.



Swift cats lick soft paws.

This “cat” prints out all to screen.

Don’t blink. You’ll miss them


3 thoughts on “The Scent Of Lavender

  1. This is fantastic. I could so relate to looking up and suddenly realizing the world around me had moved on while I sat and was buried in my computer screen. Great visuals and the feelings were strong.


  2. oh gosh! you just make me laugh. I have a love-hate relationship with technology. “What’s in a name” To name a file. That’s clever in all IT terms!


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