The Joy? Of Hex

I enjoy my own company. At least I think I do. Of course I do. Don’t I?

It seems that I am getting mixed signals from myself.

A majority of the time I want to be alone, swaddled sweetly silent in a caressing blue robe so soft it is like a whisper to my skin. These crystalline moments of perfect isolation are priceless to me. Within them, womb-like, I am free to recharge, think, grow, change. Aloneness is a state like non other. It creates the necessary space for deep thought to occur.

In my aloneness, I am free to work through the programming Bootcamp Pre Work at my own pace. Lately I have been fixated on converting base 10 numbers (like 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.…) into base 16 hexadecimal (hex) numbers. This is my new pass time. I like to pick numbers that are significant to me and convert them into hex. For example:

My Age: 30 years = 1E in hex

My Weight: 105 lbs = 69 in hex

The year I was born: 1984 = 7C0 in hex

When I am alone I am free to contemplate my cats and their softness, the cold and its harshness, the world and its vastness, the air and its freshness. (With apologies to Madeleine L’Engle)

My quiet, private world is secure. It is comforting. It allows me to rejuvenate from the rigors of a day spent crashing against extroverts.

However, a worm of dissatisfaction has crept into my introvert’s haven, which was once as pristine as freshly fallen snow.

The thoughts come unbidden:

  • “Should I be interacting more with other people?”
  • “Computer programming is another largely solitary task. Am I simply reinforcing the walls of my cave?”
  • “Should I heed the persistent advice of friends and family and ‘go out’ more?”
  • “I am alone, but am I growing lonely?”

I see a forked road opening in my mind’s eye. One branch is peaceful, still, quiet but potentially lonesome. The other branch is chaotic, loud, lightening flash bright, but harbors potential relationships.

I stand before this bifurcated road and hesitate. Peering down one fork I see my cats, my nice warm bed, my Pre Work and the undeniable joy of hex. Squinting down the other road I see sights unfamiliar and scary.   Fantastic and exhausting. Dramatic and new.

I hesitate. For the moment I am overwhelmed by this introvert’s dilemma.


8 thoughts on “The Joy? Of Hex

  1. Really enjoying your blog so far.


  2. Love your title! The theme with its blocky typeface is perfect for a programming oriented blog. Did you try playing with your theme as part of the blogging 101 assignment? I wonder if it might look better with more contrast. (I tried playing with mine, couldn’t find anything I liked better than the one I started with)

    I’m an old-school programmer, I wonder if folks who are newer to computing, or use only Apple devices or tablets or smartphones get the meaning of the title. Does ctrl. alt. delete even work anymore, even on Windows machines? Does anyone ever use it?

    Maybe you should consider putting a note in your “About” section explaining the origin of your title. But please don’t change it!


  3. but there is an add on australian television where this guy has a “control alt delete” button on his arm
    ( its an insurance ad.. he presses it and hey presto his car crash reverses in time)

    so i think the control alt delete is still out there in the universe, somewhere.. at least in aus it is….


  4. Consider the time of the year as well. I’ve found myself almost stuck in introversion. Working a 9-5 job, it is almost maniacal how the time directly after my work hours seems frozen to my apartment with the darkness and the cold. I find it as an opportunity to meditate on my perspectives… Apparently, so do you!

    Would the title ‘The Joy? of Hex’ work? I like the title ‘Which way I beheaded?’


  5. The time of year definately contributes! Nothing like winter time to make one turn inward. I love how you shifted the question mark. I think I need to edit! Thanks for your comment and it is good to hear from you again. Keep ’em coming:)


  6. “Ctrl.Alt.Believe’ is genius. Genius! I’m never going to be able to get that out of my head. But thank you! So much better than Delete.


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